Adrian Lester Media

Media interview highlights include…
In March 2021 Adrian appeared on the front cover of Saga Magazine

In February, alongside Danny Sapani, Adrian spoke to Sarah Hemming at the FT about his role in the play Hymn, which was live streamed from The Almeida during the coronavirus pandemic. View the interview here
February 2021 saw Adrian appear on The Graham Norton Show on BBC1 and show off some of his dancing skills!  
October 2020 – Adrian appears in The Times to discuss the BBC series Life. Read the interview here
Red Magazine 2019
Adrian appeared on This Morning alongside John Sim to discuss the ITV series Trauma (July 2018)
Adrian has appeared on The One Show on numerous occasions including with Lara Pulver for Guys & Dolls at The Royal Albert Hall. 


Reading about how comedy needs to be edgy and dangerous. For me that means asking the right questions or pointing out uncomfortable truths. Some people seem to think it means slavishly reinforcing every prejudice society is built on.

I would love for any prominent conservative to explain to me why Liz Cheney being removed for expressing her views isn't an example of so-called "cancel culture", but I know none of them can or will.

To my empaths. It is important to build resilience within and around you. Empaths are God's gift to humanity and are the Nemesis of the Psychopath or Sociopath. They are world changers #empaths #resilience #mentalhealthawareness

We're saddened to hear that Tony Armatrading has died.

His credits at the National Theatre included Measure for Measure (1981), The Coup (1991) and Dragon (1992).

Tony will be much missed, and our thoughts are with his friends and family.

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