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I worked with @Rambertdance as a writer. They are an extraordinary company and they need our help. Please support with as little or as much as you are able. Thank you.

“Even in my most dedicated periods on the big screen, theatre has always been there to restore a sense of sanity.”

Sam Mendes has won Tony, Olivier, & Academy Awards for his work on stage and screen. Don't miss his "triumph" (The Times), #TheLehmanTrilogy. (Photo by Mark Douet)


I need an assistant who wants eventually to be a theatre producer but before that there’s everything I did … long hours, drink pouring, shit days and laughs… If interested please send a letter about yourself and what shows you’ve loved to me at 12 skinner place london sw1w 8hh

Lt Comm Branning is not looking happy! Who killed Craig Burke and why????!!!! #Vigil is back on Sunday at 9pm ⁦@BBC⁩

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