stuff you might like to know about us…

tina price is a publicist and personal manager who specialises in ensuring their clients reach their long term goals and objectives through the media and beyond. she has enjoyed long term relationships with her clients, which ensures trust and longevity now and in the future.

tina price is a respected and accomplished publicist and manager with over 25 years experience. In 1991 she joined london based pr agency media enterprises and worked on a variety of accounts including video releases of apollo 13, reservoir dogs and casino, touring europe with pop band m people, launching the computer game mortal kombat and media tours with personalities including gloria gaynor and linford christie and corporate pr for v96 and t in the park.

in 1996 tina set up tina price consultants and began working as a personal publicist with presenters including philippa forrester, nick knowles, kate humble, oliver heath, margherita taylor and jayne middlemiss. projects included book and video releases with sir norman wisdom and zoe ball. in 1998 actor adrian lester and actress lolita chakrabarti joined her books, followed in 2001 by world class opera singers claire rutter. other more recent clients include deperate housewives after ricardo chavira.

tina has garnered a wealth of experience in all areas of the media and has also worked on a long list of high profile news campaigns for clients including charity children with cancer uk (formerly children with leukaemia).

what her clients say…

“tina’s advice and expertise have helped shape my career over the 20yrs that we have been working together. her vast knowledge coupled with her no nonsense, skillful advice is invaluable, i would be lost without her.”  adrian lester

“I have worked with Tina for over 25 years and there is a reason for that, despite the wide variety of projects, in all she has provided the personal touch, handled any difficulties deftly and impressed my clients, all of which has reflected well on me and my business but also achieved major results.  I couldn’t be happier with her work, which is why 25 later she is not only a treasured colleague but a great friend”.  philippa forrester

“tina is not short term, the relationship we have built over the years ensures a fundamental trust that money can never buy.”  lolita chakrabarti

“tina is one of the hardest working and most respected managers in the business! She is caring, supportive and honest and seizes every relevant opportunity for the present, but also works carefully to build relationships, securing opportunities for the future.”  claire rutter